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Klimmend over ijstijdheuvels

  • 40 KM
  • 3 hours

Starting from the Hunebedcentrum in Borger you can take a bike ride across the Hondsrug. You will pass four Geopark hotspots near Borger: the Buunerbult on the Noorderesch van Buinen with a beautiful view of the Hondsrug; the slopes of the dry valleys from the last ice age at the Hunzebos; the Molenveld with the special Leewal near Exloo and the glacier pits in the woods behind the village of Ees. Together they illustrate the story of the Hondsrug region formed during the ice ages.


This cycle route uses the cycle junction (nodes) system. Along the way, numbered signs point you from one node to another. If you want to cycle a modified route using the nodes or compile your own route, click here.

The hills and valley of the Voorste Diep, a break-through valley near Borger
Sheep grazing in the dry valley of the Hunzebos.
Hotspot De Leewal near Exloo, a chain of parabolic dunes.
The Gletsjerkuil, one of the glacial pits near Ees, a Geopark hotspot.
Route map of the biking trail with nodes

Starting point


Nodes route

41Parking lot of the Hunebedcentrum

Bike south from here and cross the canal at the bridge.

88Bridge across the canal

Cross the canal, turn left and follow the biking path along the canal. Turn right and climb the Buunerbult. On top of the Buunerbult look back to enjoy the view over the valley. Carry on to the small town of Buinen.


From Buinen bike south, underneath the N374 road and turn left on the Osdijk to 45 in Buinerveen. You are crossing the Hunze valley here. You can also choose to go straight on past 44 and take the next turn left on the Velddijk to 13. This takes you through the new wilderness of the LOFAR area.


In Buinerveen at node 45 turn right on the Zuiderstraat towards Tweede Exloërmond

12Tuinbouwstraat 2e Exloërmond

In Tweede Exloërmond turn right at node 12. Just before node 13 you will cross the Achterste Diep, one of the branches of the Hunze River. Just before Exloo you will climb the Hondsrug!

20Zuiderhoofdstraat, Exloo

In Exloo you can visit the sheep herd or one of the other attractions, before continuuing south towards municipal swimming pool De Leewal, via the street Zuideinde. At De Leewal swimming pool, turn left onto the sand path to get to the starting point of the Sabeltandtijgerspoor adventure trail. You are now cycling along the Leewal, a striking ridge that meanders through the landscape.

09Puur Exloo

To get to the Puur Exloo holiday park, you cycle through the Hunzebos (Dalakkersweg), with some beautiful burial mounds and a small hunebed. Turn right on the main road. At Puur Exloo you can take a coffee break. You continue the route in the direction of Valthe to turn right on the Hoofdstraat in Valthe


You enter Valthe, one of the best preserved traditional Saxon towns. Enjoy the view of the beautiful farmhouses in their shady yards.


From Valthe, follow the Odoornerweg to Odoorn. Halfway, on the right, you can see the Eppiesbergje, one of the most beautiful burial mounds. Also pay attention to the beautiful church in Odoorn, the choir of which is made up of large boulders.


From the center of Odoorn you follow the Schaapstreek that passes under the N34. You are now in the beautiful nature reserve of the forestry Odoorn. The heath here is called Sheep Park. At restaurant Poolshoogte you can get refreshments and climb the hill with a watchtower, to enjoy the view of the forests surroundiong you.

24Hoofdstraat Exloo

Follow the Boswachter Meelkerlaan under the N34 to the Hoofdstraat and cross it at 24 to continue the route through the forest towards 23. You can therefore choose to skip junction 26


In the woods here are located some deep, dry pits, the so-called glacier pits. These are probably remnants from the ice ages (pingo ruins or kettle holes).

28Canal Buinen-Schoonoord

From the woods of the Buinerveld you arrive at the Buinen-Schoonoord canal, which follows the old course of the former Voorste Diep, another branch of the Hunze River. Turn right to follow the canal to return to the starting point via junction 88.

41Endpoint Parking lot Hunebedcentrum.

You have arrived back at the start of the route.

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