Masterplan, a plan for 10 years

Having achieved Geopark and UNESCO status, all partners – governments, commercial organisations and businesses – now wish to develop and promote the region further. The aim is to strengthen the economic development of the Hondsrug region, based on the strong regional identity and international appeal which the newly-acquired status brings with it. Alongside preservation and education, further development is one of the most important criteria which UNESCO attaches to the Geopark status. This must be agreed with local residents, commercial organisations and governments.

The Foundation as a driving force

The Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark Foundation – on behalf of its partners – has drawn up this master plan to give direction to this development. Furthermore, implementation of the master plan must secure the preservation of the Geopark and UNESCO status, which is reviewed every four years. The Foundation co-ordinates implementation of the master plan and is responsible for consistency among all partner activities. The Foundation also acts as a driving force for new initiatives.

Masterplan 2017-2027

Read or download The Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark Foundation.