The Hondsrug UNESCO Geopark Foundation

The Hondsrug Geopark Foundation sits at the center of the web of the network organisation the Hondsrug Geopark. It is a small organisation associated with many partners: government bodies, commercial organisations and small businesses. The foundation consists of a small team with a manager and a small number of employees plus a board. According to UNESCO criteria the foundation must possess the following expertise and abilities or be able to call upon relevant experts: management and marketing ability, geological and landscape expertise plus knowledge in the areas of education and communication.


The main functions of the foundation are co-ordination, ensuring consistency, marketing and communication, education and initiating new activities to strengthen the Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark. The most important instrument is the masterplan with its four programme lines. The foundation monitors this plan and plays an important role in executing it, working closely with all partners including local businesses.