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Discover the Hondsrug

What you do during your visit to the Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark depends on your own interests. Wander through a museum and let yourself be transported back in time? Spend a day cycling with the children and swimming in a woodland pond, followed by ice cream and freshly-made pancakes? Lovers of geology and archaeology should certainly not miss out on visiting some of the local Geopark hotspots. Or are you a sporty type who prefers horse-riding, mountain biking or paddling?

Hunebed Centre Borger

Hunebed Centre

Would you like to know more about the Ice Ages and the people who lived here? Then start […]

Van Gogh House

Van Gogh House

The Van Gogh House in Nieuw-Amsterdam is in the former inn which belonged to Hendrik Scholte. In the […]

Corn Mill De Wachter

Corn mill De Wachter

There is lots to discover at De Wachter mill. This remarkable corn mill from 1851 forms part of […]

Stories from the Hondsrug

the Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark has 3000 km biking trails

The Ice Ages

From icy cold to subtropical heat

Some 2.5 million years ago the Ice Age started: periods of extremely cold climate, when a thick ice […]

Ancient History

An abundance of prehistoric remains

Would you like to learn more about the hunebed builders and the 47 megalithic tombs still standing on […]

Peat and Peat Bogs

Making a living in the peat bog

In the low-lying and water-logged areas east of the Hondsrug large thicknesses of peat bog accumulated during the […]

Stirrup, saddle, girth...

The Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark has 2670 km off-road riding trails and 12 MTB-tracks.



Bijvoet is een algemeen voorkomende, zomerbloeiende plant. De Nederlandse naam doet denken aan een Romeins gebruik. De Romeinen […]

The Flintenroute (Boulder trip)

The Flintenroute (Boulder trip)

Flint is the local name for the erratic boulders from the Ice Ages. You will come across many […]

Appelbergen bij Glimmen

Appelbergen bij Glimmen

De Appelbergen (Appèlbergen voor Groningers) bij Glimmen vormen een aardkundig waardevol gebied tussen Haren en Glimmen. Het kaartbeeld […]