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  • 2.2 km (1.4 miles)
  • 1.5 hrs

Are you joining this adventurous trip along the trail of the Sabre-toothed tiger?

In the fairy-tale-like forest of the Hunzebos you can find the trail of the Sabre-toothed tiger, a playful hike of about 2 kilometers for fearless kids. The trail winds through the forest and over the ice-age hills. You’ll climb, swing on ropes, balance on rickety bridges, swoosh downhill on a cable runway and much more. 

Along the way you can play exciting games using the app and test your speed and skills against that of the Sabre-toothed tiger. And you’ll learn about the impressive Mammoth that once lived here. 

One of the challenges along the trail

Experience even more using the app!

Do you want to play the app?
• For Apple: download “De Hondsrug Hunzebosroutes” in the App store
• For Android: download “De Hondsrug Hunzebosroutes” in the Playstore
• Or scan the QR code

Hint: Bring your VR-goggles (available in the Hotel or in town) and you will be even closer to the action!

This is how you get there:
You can reach the trail from these 2 locations.
1) Parking swimming pool Leewal, Zuideinde 36, 7875 CD Exloo
2) Parking Fletcherhotel De Hunzebergen, Valtherweg 36, 7875 TB ExlooFrom here follow the signs with the Sabre-toothed tiger to the start of the trail. The exact starting point of the trail is at the junction Leewalweg – Exlooërzandweg,  Lat/Long 52°52’11.2″N 6°51’54.6″E, coordinates 52.869783, 6.865152. Route map

The route is marked by the paw prints of the Sabre-toothed tiger.
The trail is not suitable for prams, wheelchairs or electric scooters.

Sabre-toothed tiger trail