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Internationale wandelroute Hondsrug - Osnabrück

  • 100 km
  • Total duration 9 days

The Hünenweg/Hondsrug path is a new long-distance hiking trail with a total length of 325 km. It starts (or ends) in Osnabrück or Groningen. The route is marked by yellow signs with a blue H. In the Dutch part the Hünenweg has the added name “Hondsrugpad”. The new hiking trail was developed to create a physical connection between the UNESCO geoparks De Hondsrug in the Netherlands and TERRA.vita in Germany. The Hünenweg is one of the most attractive border-crossing hiking trails in Europe.

One of the signposts along the route
Teaser of the promotion movie Hünenweg/Hondsrugpad

The Hondsrug trail follows an ancient route across ridges and valleys, along river valleys, abundant archeological remnants and impressive natural and cultural phenomena. The landscape of the Hondsrug and TERRA.vita is criss-crossed with tracks from a distant and less-distant past. The trail follows medieval tracks

The route over the Hondsrug is as old as Methuselah, with stream valleys, landscape experience, archaeology, cultural history and nature. The landscape of the Hondsrug and TERRA.vita is full of traces from a distant and less distant past. The path follows medieval cart tracks, prehistoric peat paths and imposing dolmens. It leads through moors, large forests, sand drifts, traditional fields and ancient villages.

The walking route consists of 20 day stages, varying from 13 to 25 kilometers (9 in the Netherlands, 11 in Germany). All day stages start/end at an information panel showing the local attractions and a detailed map. Along the route there are accommodation options such as hotels, hostels and B&Bs. All information about the Hünenweg can be found at

One of the many “hunebeds” along the route

In addition, the route is also described in a small, handy walking guide. The Dutch section of the route is described in detail in the booklet “Hondsrugpad” by Fokko Bosker. This northern part of the Hünenweg takes you past the most beautiful spots and consists of 9 stages of 10-20 km in length. Only the two southern stages are approximately 30 km long. Both guides are available at Tourist Information Points at various locations in Drenthe or can be ordered online here.

Starting point

NS Station Groningen

The Hünenweg/Hondsrug path