Odoornerdennen - hotspots

Trees growing on old sand drifts

To the north of the village of Odoorn lies the woodland Odoornerdennen: a wood growing on former drift-sand. The wood was originally laid out by farmers to prevent the drifting sand encroaching on their fields.

The Odoornerdennen

A natural motorway

In many places in the Odoornerdennen you will come across splendid areas of heath with large juniper bushes. These parts of the land were too hilly to clear. Walking here in the woods you will also see that broad alleys of trees have been felled. This was done mainly to make it easier for animals to move across the area. Thanks to this ‘natural motorway’ animals can more easily make contact with others of their species elsewhere.

Heather, junipers, pines and other species create a varied picture

Walk through time

A scenic walk has been laid out through the Odoornerdennen. Along this trail of the Mammoth you are presented with stories from the past.

Location data

Parking place Odoornerdennen

Coordinates: 52°51’42.3″N 6°51’15.4″E