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Het Onderduikershol in het Valtherbosch

During the Second World War the woods in Drenthe were regularly used to conceal shelters for fugitives in hiding. Many were primitive, sometimes consisting only of a hole in the ground covered with wood or vegetation, and many of these have been reclaimed by nature. The hiding place in the Valtherbosch near Valthe has become famous, and a monument was placed here in the 1980’s as a memorial.

The picture shows one of the two shelters

Albertus Zefat

Late in the year 1942 Albertus Zefat, owner of a poultry farm in Valthe, began to hide a few Jewish people in the chicken shed behind his house. As this was too conspicuous, in the autumn of 1942 a hole was excavated in the Valtherbosch as a hideout. In 1943 the hole was discovered accidentally, but without serious consequences, although another hole was then dug some distance away in its present location. Zefat himself was shot dead in July 1944 when he refused to reveal the location of the Jewish fugitives.


Other villagers continued to look after the Jews hiding in the woods. They survived the occupation and, when liberation came, around 20 people were found here, Jews and others. A memorial stands near the entrance.

Location data

Coordinates: 52°49’59.0″N 6°52’26.0″E

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