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Eppiesbergje (Eppie’s Hill) is the name of the high burial mound in the fields to the north of the road between Odoorn and Valthe. You can’t miss Eppiesbergje – there are oak trees growing on top of it. The Eppiesberg in winter

Excavation from top to bottom

In 1937 Prof. Van Giffen excavated Eppiesbergje literally from top to bottom.  The hill dates originally from around 2,500 BC. That was the age of the Single Grave  Culture which followed the Funnel Beaker Culture. The Stone Age ended and the  Bronze Age began. The Eppiesbergje continued to be used as a burial place. The hill was  raised higher and was surrounded by a ring of stones and a ditch. After 1,200 BC local people stopped burying their dead and began cremating them instead. The cremated remains were buried in an earthenware pot in an urn field. Several urns from that time were found inside the hill. Archaeologists also discovered that there must have been an enormous urn field around the hill. A burial on the Eppiesberg

Location Eppiesbergje

Coordinates: 52°50’51.4″N 6°51’58.6″E


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