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De Mandelanden

The Voorste Diep, one of the two upper branches of the Hunze, rises in the fields called Mandelanden behind Westdorp, a small town close to Borger. The Voorste Diep breaches through the Hondsrug near Borger. Recently the upper reaches of the Voorste Diep have been returned to their natural course. 

The marshy Mandelanden

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A long time ago, the Voorste Diep achieved quite an impressive feat by forcing its way straight through the Hondsrug. When the Buinen-Schoonoord Canal was being dug, this natural channel came in very handy. In the course of the last century the original stream valley had all but disappeared. In 2012 the Drentse Landschap Foundation restored the stream of the Voorste Diep to its original course.

The restored Voorste Diep in the Mandelanden

Location data

Natuurgebied Mandelanden

Coordinates:  52°54’32.1″N 6°46’35.5″E

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