Rijksstraatweg Haren - hotspots

Impressive architecture along the old highway

Since time immemorial, the Rijksstraatweg has been the most important approach road to Groningen from the south. In the nineteenth century it became fashionable for the wealthy citizens of Groningen to escape the pressures of the city and to have fine new houses built here for themselves on the recently laid-out street. Naturally everyone wanted to outdo his neighbours in building a larger and more impressive mansion.

De Wolf, one of the many villas along the Rijksstraatweg, the old highway

Villas and country houses

The Rijksstraatweg cuts through the vibrant centre of the Hondsrug village of Haren. On both sides of the village, and in Glimmen to the south, the most magnificent villas and country houses stand side by side. All built on the solid foundations of the Hondsrug with fine views to the stream valley of the Drentsche Aa. Dozens of these houses are listed as national monuments. The house called Hemmen (1805) and ‘t Huis de Wolf (1892) are among the most beautiful villas in this affluent landscape. A big rock in the center of Haren reminds us of the glacial history of this region.


The best way to experience the impressive architectural and historic treasures is by driving or biking slowly (but carefully!) along the old Rijksstraatweg between Groningen and Glimmen.

Location data

Coördinates: 53°10’23.6″N 6°36’11.7″E