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You don’t see that many people wearing clogs these days. But it was not so long ago that everyone had a pair. The International Clog Museum, founded in 1990, has the largest collection of clogs in the world. Around 2,400 pairs from more than 40 countries. The museum also owns hundreds of examples of tools from many countries as well as machines from the Netherlands, Germany and France. There is a new exhibition every year.

Cultural heritage

Perhaps you know the typical Dutch clogs. In this museum you will learn that there are in fact many different types of clogs. Clogs for work, clogs for dressing up, artistic clogs, to name but a few. They are part of our cultural heritage.

Made by hand and by machine

In the museum you can watch a film about how clogs are made, both by hand and on a machine. In the workshop you can see the actual tools and machines from the film. And you can view the collection of the last clog makers, the brothers Eiso and Egbert Wietzes from Eelde. They were very skilled clog makers, and they also collected clogs from many countries. After looking round the museum you can drink a cup of coffee and perhaps buy a pair of genuine Wietzes clogs.

Opening times

April to October
Tuesday to Sunday from 14:00 to 17:00
Groups by appointment from April to 22 December

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International Clog Museum