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Oud boerendorp Oud-Aalden

If you would like to see for yourself how a typical Drenthe ‘es’ village was organized, you can take a look in the oldest part of the village of Aalden. With its narrow cobbled streets and old farmsteads it is one of the prettiest places in Drenthe.

The brink, Oud Aalden

Symbiosis of nature and agriculture

At one end of Aalden the old agricultural fields or ‘essen’ lie on the higher ground. The former pasture land and hayfields are at the other end of the village in the stream valley of the Aalderstroom and the Westerstroom.

The farmyards are not only examples of monumental human effort, but also precious natural areas. Note, for instance, the magnificent old apple trees and pear trees by the farmhouses. And the beautiful cottage gardens with old-fashioned flowers like peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias and sweet william.

Location data

Coordinates: 52°47’15.4″N 6°42’57.8″E

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