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De Kunstenaars Herberg van Zweeloo

It was not easy for artists to find accommodation in Zweeloo; the inn-keepers were not keen on strangers and their strange ways. And yet the names of two world-famous painters are linked to this village – the German Max Liebermann and Vincent van Gogh, who stayed here.

Painting of a Drenthe farmhouse by Van Drielst

Many distinguished artists

Apart from these two great painters, many other distinguished artists were drawn here to capture the centuries-old trees and the ancient farmhouses. In the old inn, now the Tante Sweel restaurant, you can see and hear all about the artists of Zweeloo.

Impression of a Drenthe interior by Max Liebermann

The foundation Artist’s Village Zweeloo has created a fascinating walk which guides you along the artistic highlights of the town of Zweeloo.

Location data

Bistro Tante Sweel

Coordinates:  52°47’38.2″N 6°43’39.9″E


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