Breevenen - hotspots

Natuur en water in de Breevenen

On the flanks of the Hondsrug to the east of Annen and Eext lies the nature area of Breevenen, measuring more than 250 hectares. Not that long ago it was one enormous potato field. In the middle of the 1990’s the Drenthe Water Company (WMD) purchased the land and laid it out as a nature area.

Fields of wildflowers in the Breevenen

Sustainable solutions

More than half of the water which comes out of the tap in the Netherlands is produced from ground water. Both the government and the water companies keep a close watch to ensure that no more water is drawn from the ground than nature can comfortably supply.
In Breevenen the WMD is looking for sustainable solutions by retaining the water in the area for as long as possible. Almost all ditches have been filled in and the groundwater level has subsequently risen quite considerably.

New nature of the Breevenen

Location data


Coordinates: 53°01’46.8″N 6°46’22.9″E

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