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Zwaantje Stokmanshof

Zwaantje Hans-Stokman’s Hof is a beautifully-restored Saxon farmhouse in Schoonebeek in the south of Drenthe. Zwaantje Hans, one of the last remaining members of the family who lived in the farmhouse, has created a tourist attraction here by displaying the old-fashioned art of ‘sand-strewing’.

Sand carpet

In the past, sand carpets were a common sight in many farmhouses in the province of Drenthe. Up until the beginning of the last century, farmers here did not have carpets and floor-coverings. Floors in the various rooms consisted of large pieces of Bentheim sandstone and blue and red tiles. Once a week the farmer’s wife would decorate one of the bare floors with fine sand to make a ‘sand carpet’. In this way she could display her artistic talent. All kinds of figures were spread out to form a complete patterned carpet, a real work of art. The farmhouse kitchen then looked its Sunday best.

Met zand bracht de boerin een versiering aan op de kale vloer: een zandtapijt.

Sand carpet in the farmhouse


People in Schoonebeek have continued to honour this traditional custom up to the present day. In this ‘sand-strewn’ farmhouse you can see the skill which it requires and even try it yourself. The farmhouse is also home to an exhibition about oil drilling in this area.

Met zand bracht de boerin een versiering aan op de kale vloer: een zandtapijt.

Artistic decoration on the bare floor

Opening times

April to September from 13:00 to 17:00
Throughout the year by appointment
Closed Sunday and Monday

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