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Swimming and hiking in the Nije Hemelriek

‘t Nije Hemelriek (the ‘New Heavenly Kingdom’) is a large swimming hole in the middle of the woodland of Gasselte. It is a perfect place for a relaxing day out for young and old. Not far away is the exciting Boomkroonpad or Treetop Walk.

Swimming hole ‘t Nije Hemelriek

Conifer/Pine plantation

It is worth coming here to see the lovely woods around the swimming hole. This used to be an area of bare sand dunes, with many features left from the last ice age, like pingo ponds. At the end of the nineteenth century the sand dunes were stabilized by planting them with conifers, and the tallest trees here date from that time. They keep so much light out that the sandy soil beneath never really becomes overgrown. By rigorously felling some of these trees, other trees and plants are now able to benefit from the sun’s rays and flourish here. During fall you can find a large variety of mushrooms here.

Location data

Coordinates: 52°58’31.7″N 6°45’16.2″E

Nije Hemelriek