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Walking around country estate De Klencke

You can find the country estate of De Klencke on the road from Oosterhesselen to Sleen. It lies on the edge of the stream valley of the Westerstroom. The 18th century aristocratic house is surrounded by estate woodland with big old oaks and beech trees. De Klencke is owned by Natuurmonumenten, the Dutch National Trust. The house is not open for visitors.

Heath near De Klencke

The oldest woods in the Hondsrug region

The house at De Klencke is in private hands but the old woodland is open to the public. Some of the oaks are more than 300 years old, far older than the house which, in its present form, dates from around 1760… That makes the estate woodland one of the oldest woods in the Hondsrug region.

Klencker Esch

At De Klencke you can still see the small scale of the old agricultural ‘esdorp’ landscape which has all but disappeared elsewhere in the Hondsrug region. The agricultural fields lie on the higher Klencker Esch to the west of the woodland. On the other side lie the meadows of the Klenckerlanden along the Westerstroom.

Location data

The Klencke Estate

Coordinates: 52°45’44.0″N 6°44’27.6″E

Country House De Klencke