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The breakthrough valley of the 'Besloten Venen'

Between Noordlaren and Glimmen lie the Besloten Venen or ‘enclosed fens’. This depression is the result of an unusual phenomenon during the last but one Saalian Ice Age. Geologists call it a breakthrough valley or water gap, an opening carved by flowing water breaking through a mountain range. The valley of the ‘Besloten Venen’ was created at the end of the Ice Age when meltwater flushed out a channel which ran right through the Hondsrug and connected the valleys of the Drentsche Aa and the Hunze.

New nature in to the Besloten Venen “Enclosed Fens”

In 2015 work began on a project to restore the Besloten Venen so as to allow water from the Drentsche Aa to flow through again. This will create natural flood plains where beavers and otters will feel completely at home.

Restored stream in the ‘Enclosed Fens’

Location data

Bridge accross brook ‘Besloten Venen’

Coördinaten: 53°07’13.1″N 6°38’06.7″E

Breakthrough valley Besloten Venen