Pinetum Ter Borgh
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Pinetum Ter Borgh

In the Pinetum Ter Borch near Anloo you can find more than 400 different species of conifer trees, arranged in a beautiful setting. The park was started in 1954 by Everhard Everts jr., a rich timber tradesman.  A variety of conifers in the pinetum


Everts became fascinated by the forests he saw on his travels to Scandinavia and North America. He decided to start a collection of trees on the family estate Ter Borch, near Anloo, which the family owned since 1910. In 1970 Staatsbosbeheer became owner of the estate.

Location parking lot  Pinetum Ter Borgh

Coördinates: 53°02’05.5″N 6°41’57.0″E

Parkeerplaats Pinetum

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Pinetum Ter Borgh