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Woeste natuur in de Schoonlooër Strubben

From the village of Schoonloo it is a short walk into the beautiful woods of the Schoonlooër Strubben where, over many centuries, the interaction of man with nature has produced a spectacular area of mixed woodland.

An important route

The Strubben lie to the north of Schoonloo along the road to Grolloo. Since the Middle Ages this road across the Ridge of Rolde has been the most important route from Coevorden via Rolde to Groningen.

The Strubben

Strubben woods

Strubben woods formed the transition between the open countryside and the high forest along the edge of the agricultural fields. Flocks of sheep grazed here on the succulent tips of the branches which they found so delicious. The result of this selective grazing was that the trees did not grow upright, but literally twisted themselves into all kinds of shapes in order to keep themselves alive.

Location data

Coordinates: 52°54’29.0″N 6°42’09.8″E

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Schoonlooër Strubben