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Polders Zuidlaardermeer

To the east of Zuidlaren the Hunze river flows into the lake of Zuidlaardermeer. Covering more than 500 hectares, the Zuidlaardermeer is the largest lake on the border between Drenthe and Groningen. In the north, the Drentsche Diep flows out towards the city of Groningen.

Water, peat and meadows

The Zuidlaardermeer was formed when the sea level rose after the last Ice Age and it became more difficult for water to drain from the Drents Plateau. The Hunze valley became overgrown with peat. So much water remained lying in the lower area to the north of the Hunze valley that the Zuidlaardermeer formed.

To Impolder

In the wet season, when the Hunze brought enormous quantities of extra water, the meadows around the lake stood under water for as far as the eye could see. The local farmers have tried for centuries to dry out the meadows. Using dykes and windmills, they have finally succeeded to some extent in keeping the polders dry. Natuurbebied Zuidlaardermeer

Location the Polders Zuidlaardermeer

Coordinates: 53°06’31.0″N 6°41’33.8″E


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Polders Zuidlaardermeer