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The Onnerpolder lies between the village of Onnen and the northern bank of the lake of Zuidlaardermeer. The windmill called De Biks (1857) used to pump water from the polder into the Drentsche Diep. This has now been replaced by the modern Onnerpolder pumping station belonging to the Hunze en Aa Water Company. The pumping station provides a nice view of the surrounding nature areas and the city of Groningen in the distance. 

Lake “The Biks” in the Onnerpolder

Water catchment and flood storage area

Apart from being a unique nature area, the Onnerpolder is an important water catchment and flood storage area which can be temporarily filled with water if there is a threat of flooding. It has become a famous area for birdspotting.

Ground Water

At the end of the Waterleidingweg road, to the south of Onnen, stands the pumping station belonging to the Groningen Water Supply Company. Drinking water is pumped up here from a depth of around 90 metres. The ground water is held in by a thick layer of sand which was deposited in the North Netherlands millions of years ago by the ancient river Eridanos. At that time, the river flowed across this area from today’s Baltic Sea region.

Location of the Onnerpolder Parking

Coordinates: 53°09’33.1″N 6°38’35.9″E


  • Zuiderhooidijk
  • 9755 Onnen
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