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The ice from the Saalian Ice Age brought boulders of all kinds and all sizes here from Scandinavia. They are called erratic boulders and the largest one in Drenthe lies by the road from Emmen to Erm in the Noordbarger forest. This ‘Dikste Stien’ or ‘fattest stone’ must weigh at least 55 thousand kilos.

Dikste Stien

Five thousand years ago the Funnel Beaker people made good use of these ice age boulders. Using their united strength they stacked up smaller and larger boulders to make monumental tombs – the hunebedden. For a long time people in Noordbarge thought that this boulder was the capstone of a buried hunebed. It was actually given the official number D48. The ‘hunebed expert’ professor Van Giffen very quickly realised that he could justifiably scratch hunebed D48 off his list…

Location ‘Dikste Stien’ Noordbargerbos

Coordinates:  52°46’15.3″N 6°52’25.4″E


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