Grollooërveen - hotspots


Between the villages of Elp and Grolloo there are many large and small fens which, in the past, made the region all but inaccessible. Today Staatsbosbeheer (Woodland Agency) is trying to make the Grollooërveen wet again in order to restore its previous natural appearance.

Water and Wood

To keep the Grollooërveen wet the rainwater is held in the area for as long as possible. Once again some of the tracks here lie under water. Long wooden paths have been laid to allow walking and cycling in the Grollooërveen.


The water on the western side of the Grollooërveen ends up in the Amerdiep. This is one of the upper reaches of the Drentsche Aa river.

Location of Grollooërveen parking place

Coordinates: 52°55’07.1″N 6°39’21.2″E

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