Fliegerhorst - hotspots


During the war three airfields were laid out in Drenthe at Eelde, Peest and Havelte. Only the one at Eelde still exists, the other two were never finished or destroyed at the end of the war. 

A military building camouflaged as a farmhouse

Unusual architecture

At Eelde it was a case of expanding the civilian airfield built in 1931. In doing so, the Luftwaffe chose an unusual kind of architecture, camouflaging airfield buildings as farm houses. These buildings have walls of close to a meter thick to protect them against attacks.

Camp buildings

Although the airfield still exists, any link to the buildings is now lost. That’s because almost all of the military buildings were located some distance from the actual airfield in case of air attacks.

Location of Fliegerhorst

Coordinates: 53°07’47.0″N 6°35’26.5″E


  • Burg. Legroweg 64C
  • 9761 TD Eelde
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