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Recreational area Exloërkijl

Between Tweede Exloërmond and Valthermond lies the wooded area of Exloërkijl. An unexpected bit of nature in an agricultural landscape of straight lines: a large pond, winding woodland paths, sandpits, grassland and quiet channels through the woods. The area is owned by the Drentse Landschap Foundation.

Sand excavations

The channels were dug outwards from Tweede Exloërmond in the middle of the nineteenth century. Exloërkijl had been laid out on the last four surviving peat areas. At the beginning of the 1970’s this was the site of large-scale sand excavations. The sand was needed to fill in canals in the peat colonies.
In this part of Drenthe the shipping trade came to an end in the 1960’s. All of the traffic moved onto the roads and many canals were transformed into wide roads. That is how the villages of the peat colonies lost their original character.

Location of Exloërkijl

Coordinates: 52°53’27.5″N 6°55’41.7″E

Recreational area Exloërkijl

  • Exloërkijl Zuid 80
  • 9571 AD 2e Exloërmond
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Recreational area Exloërkijl