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Eext as painted by Van Drielst

In 1772 Egbert van Drielst, a painter of wall hangings from Amsterdam, came to Eext in search of inspiration. His colleagues were also curious about the picturesque village, from where he brought back such lovely drawings. So it was that in the 18th century hundreds of drawings were made of the centuries-old oak trees, splendid farmhouses and even the inhabitants. 

Self portrait of Egbert van Drielst

Eext in the eighteenth century (or 18th century)

The drawings from that time before the birth of photography offer a unique record of this old village. Local residents still know the old stories and you can still see the drawings and hear the stories during a walk around the village.

Eext painted by Van Drielst

Coordinates: 53°01’09.6″N 6°44’08.2″E

Eetcafé Homan

  • Hoofdstraat 12
  • 9463 PC Eext
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Eext and Van Drielst