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The Twins

In the middle of the woods around the former area of Schoonlooërveld are two natural pools which have always been known as De Tweeling or the Twins. Close to these pools is the swimming hole known as Loomeer.

Land clearance

When the Schoonlooërveld was first drained and cleared in the twentieth century, the best parts were transformed into lucrative agricultural land. Most of the poorest parts were suitable for planting woodland, like the hundreds of hectares of timber planted here.


The worst bits of land had to be left as they were. This was often because the terrain was so uneven or much too wet. And so it happened that the worst bits of land from that time have become some of the most attractive landscapes now. Like De Tweeling.

Location of the Twins


Coordinates: 52°53’34.5″N 6°42’23.6″E

Het Loomeer

  • Hoofdstraat 30
  • 9443 TK Schoonloo
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De Tweelingen