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De Holmers

To the northwest of Elp lie the old meadows of De Holmers. This is the southernmost stretch of the flood plain of the Drentsche Aa river. Until a few years ago De Holmers consisted of potato fields and meadows. The uppermost part of the Amerdiep were excavated to create a straight ditch through the meadows.

A diverse area

As part of a large nature restoration project a few years ago, the top layer of soil was removed and most of the ditches were filled in. From the lookout tower you can see that it has taken just a few years to transform De Holmers into a very diverse area. The largest part is covered with Soft Rush and Willows. Here and there are substantial marshy woods with many alders. There are also large areas where only moss will grow.

Location of the Holmers (Lookout Tower)

Coordinates: 52°54’45.8″N 6°37’46.8″E

Lookout Tower

  • De Halkenbroeken
  • 9444 Grolloo
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De Holmers