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Battle of Ane

In the little village of Ane, to the south of Coevorden and just over the border from Overijssel, stands a monument consisting of a few boulders piled up on a base of cemented stones. This small monument commemorates one of the most momentous events in the history of Drenthe, the Battle of Ane. 

Bishop Otto II during the Battle of Ane

Two opposing armies

On 28th July 1227 two opposing armies stood somewhere near here, separated by a strip of swampy ground. On the one side was Rudolf van Coevorden with his brothers, a few knights and fighting men from Drenthe. Opposite him stood his rightful lord and master, Bishop Otto II of Utrecht, with a large number of nobles. These thought themselves superior and expected to be able to bring the rebellious Rudolf to heel without much trouble. But the result was rather different. Weighed down by their heavy equipment, they sank into the swampy ground and fell easy victims to their opponents with their much lighter armour.

The monument marking the location of the battle of Ane

A medieval report

A detailed description of the battle was preserved. The men of Drenthe butchered them like cattle and robbed them of everything. They took the bishop prisoner and shaved off his tonsure – skin and all – with a sword, they hacked him all over and then finished him off. Finally they trampled the dead body in the swamp and watched it sink. At least, according to a medieval report. It would only be a temporary victory, for one year later the new bishop struck back hard and brought Drenthe under his control.

Location of the hotspot

Coordinates: 52°36’50.6″N 6°39’04.7″E


  • Anerveenseweg 3
  • 7784 DC Ane
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Battle of Ane