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Rolde – the Barbizon of Drenthe

In Rolde, painters were welcome at the inn and could even rent or buy houses. Because they could live together here, Rolde developed into a real artists’ village. Jan Julius van de Sande Bakhuyzen and his sister Gerardine rented a house where their artist friends often came to stay. Willem Hamel bought himself a large house and we know that many artists lodged in the inn.  They painted the hunebeds, the shepherds, the local beauty spots and sometimes the village beauties. Walking around the village today, it is still possible to conjure up the old Rolde of the late nineteenth century in words and pictures.
Een schilderijtje uit Rolde

Location of Rolde – the Barbizon of Drenthe

Coordinates: 52°59’17.4″N 6°38’42.5″E


  • Hoofdstraat 6
  • 9451 BB Rolde
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Rolde, the Barbizon of Drenthe