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The village of Annerveenschekanaal lies on the Grevelings Canal. The ordinary people lived on the busy side, over on the quiet side were the ‘fat farmers’ …

Grevijlink House

The village arose at the end of the eighteenth century thanks to the Annerveensche Company of Gentlemen (Heerencompagnie). Lambartus Grevijlink was the big boss behind the company. He did very well out of it. His imposing Grevijlink House still stands at the head of the canal.


In 1771 Grevijlink gained permission from the city of Groningen to transport his peat on the Groningen canals. Annerveenschekanaal no longer had to depend on the Hunze river, which was almost unnavigable for much of the year.

Location data

Het Grevijlinkhuis

Coordinates: 53°05’06.0″N 6°47’23.7″E

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Annerveensche Kanaal