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To the north of the little village of Amen lies the Amerholt. It is a remnant of the ancient high forests which covered large areas of Drenthe centuries ago. In the nineteenth century the Amerholt was still a forest of tall oak and beech trees. This came to an end with the large-scale felling of trees for use as commercial timber. Since then the Amerholt has changed into a coppice wood which is slowly recovering.

The Amerholt between fields and valley

A sea of flowers

The Amerholt is still an area of great ecological value. People in the know come here to pick unusual varieties of blackberries. The Amerholt woodland lies between the fields and the stream valley of the Amerdiep. In spring particularly, it is worth coming here to see the Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem, May Lily, Solomon’s Seal and Wood Anemone which transform the ground into one big sea of flowers. A very nice walk takes you through the forest and along the fields and stream.

A sea of flowers near Amen

Location Amerholt Information panel

Coordinates: 52°56’32.2″N 6°36’48.6″E

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Amerholt ancient woodland