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All around the little village of Amen you can see what the stream valleys of Drenthe used to look like. In the 1960’s a large amount of unsympathetic work was carried out here when the stream was straightened to prevent further flooding. Nevertheless, various bits of the old Amerdiep were preserved in the landscape and have been restored recently.

Clear water of the Amerdiep

Old plots of land

Locally in the stream valley of the Amerdiep the original layout of the meadows is still visible. These are the narrow plots which lie at right angles to the stream. The plots are divided from each other by ditches and on the higher ground by wooded banks. Access to the plots is via wooden gates. A very pleasant walk along the stream has been laid out, starting at the information panel.

Galloway cattle grazing along the Amerdiep

Location of the Amerdiep (information panel)

Coordinates: 52°56’32.2″N 6°36’47.2″E

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