A number of short animations and movies is available to illustrate different aspects of the ice ages in Drenthe. They can be watched on Youtube. Geopark De Hondsrug also has other educational materials, like booklets, suitable for elementary or secondary schools. 

1. The origin of the Hondsrug

This animation shows how water, wind and ice shaped the Hondsrug area during the penultimate ice ages, the Saalian and the Weichselian, and the Eemian interglacial .

The Saalian ice age

2. The Saalian ice age

A sequence of five short movies shows how the ice cap expanded from Scandinavia until it completely covered Drenthe during the Saalian ice age, laying the foundation of the Hondsrug glacial ridges.

Woolly rhino on the run

Ice eating the rocks

Ice Age Rocks under your feet

How did the rocks get here?

The origin of the Megaflutes

3. The formation of a collapsed pingo

This animation shows how a collapsed pingo is formed during the transition of the last ice age, the Weichselian, to the present warm period, the Holocene.

The formation of a collapsed Pingo

4. The Woolly Mammoth

The animation shows a Woolly Mammoth in its herd, surrounded by a prairie. The extinction of this species of elephant resulted from both the changing of the climate and the effects of humans.

Woolly mammoth in action

5. The Donderen ice age outcrop

300.000 years in 3 meters of sand. The outcrop of Donderen beautifully displays thousands of years of glacial history of the Northern Netherlands. It shows the remains of three subsequent glacial periods: the Elsterian, the Saalian and the Weichselian. Geologist Harry Huisman explains what the earth tells us here about the past.

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